Born in 2018, LA SIRÈNE has conquered women all over the world with its Made in Brazil beachwear. Present in more than 26 countries, the brand combines quality and sophistication in pieces full of personality and unique design.

With vibrant colors and bold shapes, LA SIRÈRNE is the translation of the Brazilian summer and takes with it, to the four corners of the globe, the authenticity of the country's culture.

The brand today also has its feet on the national market, in which it differs with its mix between pop and sophisticated, which has already fallen in the taste of artists and influencers.

His newest collection, the RESORT, was photographed in the city of Paraty, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and located on the south coast of Rio de Janeiro. In the editorial, on a walk through paradisiacal landscapes and colonial cobblestone streets, LA SIRÈNE revisits its origins and reaffirms its roots.

These are handcrafted pieces hand-embroidered by Brazilian women with gemstones - some of them gold-plated - combined with state-of-the-art fabrics, all with the seal of sustainability.

Immerse yourself in the LA SiRÈNE universe.